Is Good Sex Education the key to the ‘Porn Battle’?

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When it comes to teenagers’ attitudes to online pornography, is sex education at school the key to making it a turn-off?

A recent survey by Ofcom found that children are spending more time online, are more likely to go online alone and are using a wider range of devices to access the internet.

If teenagers are surfing the web alone in their bedrooms then there is a risk they could be exposed to online pornography – this is the generation for whom social networking sites, webcams and photo-sharing are all a normal part of growing up.

Effective sex education is essential if this generation of young people are to make responsible and well-informed decisions about the lives they go on to lead.

KIP Education supports good quality sex education in schools which deals with a whole range of topics including consent, body image, gender and power imbalances.

A third of schools currently have inadequate sex and relationship education according to Ofsted; Learning about these issues will equip young people to be more in control and the chances are they will be less likely to look for answers about sex and relationships elsewhere.

Let’s not wait for young people to find pornography. Instead, let’s talk about it openly.

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