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Tackling Misogyny & Gender Equity In Schools & Youth Settings

Are You Ready To Challenge The Critical Issues Of Sexual Harassment In Schools And Online Misogyny?


About the Event

KIP Education and Vanessa Rogers are collaborating again to offer educators and other professionals an online conference to explore these pervasive issues and discuss effective strategies for prevention and intervention to create learning environments that are safe, respectful and equitable.

With engaging key speakers providing expert insights, good practice examples and interactive discussions, don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the catalyst to make a lasting impact on the lives of young people 

📈 In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in awareness surrounding sexual harassment and violence against women and girls within educational settings. Numerous young people have bravely shared their personal stories and experiences on platforms like Everyone’s Invited. In parallel, many educators, childcare professionals and parents are questioning the potential links between this harmful peer on peer sexual behaviour (Ofsted report (June 2021), and the rise in popularity of online groups perpetuating ‘toxic masculinity’ in what is often called the ‘Manosphere.’ With charismatic and powerful social media ‘influencers’ disseminating misogynistic content liked and shared by millions, this conference will explore concerns about the effect this is having on the attitudes and behaviours of young boys and men, as well as hearing from speakers that have found effective ways to challenge it without shame or blame.

The June 2021 report from Ofsted unveiled a disconcerting reality, highlighting the widespread occurrence of young people subjected to harmful sexual behaviour by their peers on a daily basis. * This is just an example of why this conference is so vital. 

This event is a chance to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to engage young people, especially young men and boys, in positive conversations about gender, masculinity and sexual consent to create a more inclusive, equal, and respectful environment in schools and youth settings

Confirmed Speakers

Dr Craig Hislop & Dr. Fiona O'Rourke

Independent Researchers & Honorary Research Associates In The Department Of Communication And Media, University Of Liverpool

Lad Culture And Misogynistic Behaviours In Online And Offline Spaces: Priorities For Intervention And The #Men4Change Toolkit

Everyone's Invited

Ellie Softley - Head of Education
Incel Culture, the Rise of Online Misogyny and Challenging Young Peoples' Language

UK Feminista

Hilary Jenkins-Baldock
Sexism and Sexual Harassment in Schools: What can we do about it?

David Williams aka David Boomah

CEO/Founder of Forward Ever Inclusive Education CIC Co Chair of Community Reference Group for Community Centred Learning at the Metropolitan Police (Humanitarian, Youth Advocate, Community Champion, Equity Seeker, Singer/Songwriter Performer.

What to Expect

🌍 Engaging Conversations: Gain a deep understanding of the roots and manifestations of misogyny. Develop strategies to challenge stereotypes and harmful behaviours. Acquire tools to empower young people to be advocates for gender equality.

🧠 Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from renowned experts in the field and learn actionable strategies for tackling misogyny and promoting gender equity.

🚦 Safeguarding: Explore ways to challenge online misogyny, build resilience to grooming and teach consent. Learn when to pass information on to safeguard against radicalisation, including the PREVENT duty.

🛠️ Practical Tools: Acquire tools and resources that empower you to make a real impact in your school or youth setting and access resources and support networks to further your work.

🤝 Networking Opportunities: Build a network of allies and advocates who share your commitment to gender equity.

🔗 Support Networks: Access a wealth of support networks and organisations dedicated to helping you continue your efforts beyond the conference.

This is an Event you Don't want to miss!

Join us for this awesome morning; jam-packed with inspirational speakers and cutting-edge ideas, ensuring that you leave with actionable insights and a renewed commitment to tackle misogyny and promote gender equality.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a positive change in our schools and youth settings. 

Register now to secure your spot and make a lasting impact on the future!

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