How can we help you & your organisation to meet your key objectives?

We don’t shy away from tough topics – we tackle them head-on.

KIP EDUCATION CIC believes in a partnership approach to management & coaching, working closely with the relevant people towards a specific goal. 


We work with the skills and expertise that already exist and aim to provide comfortable solutions that build on existing skills and resources. Our style of consultancy not only provides a more cost effective service to our clients, but ensures active participation and acceptance by those involved.



We have a team of experienced Consultants and Associates that understand the challenges of managing people, processes and performance; this is essential for delivering improvements at all levels of organisations.


Engage and energise people towards improved working practices

Develop a sense of ownership and commitment amongst teams

Facilitate solutions and groups

We have outlined some examples of the key areas where our team can work with you. Any intervention would of course be individually developed with the commissioning client and reflect the key outcomes required.

Please take a moment to contact us right now & discuss how we can help you to meet your organisations key objectives.

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