Benefiting Mental Health & Well-Being, Preparing Young People For Life & Work

KIP Education has been bringing sustainable & effective PSHE education into schools across the UK for the past 12 years.

We have been repeatedly commissioned by a number of councils and housing associations to run projects that supports their ‘ATTRACTIVE & THRIVING’ priority by working with young people and addressing attitudes and behaviours surrounding well-being. KIP Education CIC seeks to affect positive change for young people. This includes reducing the 3 elements of risk likely to impact negatively on the lives of young people and include:

Risk Factors

Poverty and Deprivation, Illness and Dysfunctional Family Relationships

Risk Behaviours

Truancy, Alcohol and Drugs, Smoking, (entry level) Crime, Unprotected Sex etc.

Young People at Risk

In care, in a PRU, Custody and at risk of neglect and abuse at home.


Despite the cuts in school budgets, governmental concerns surrounding young people’s well-being have not gone away – mental health issues continue to rise, along with the associated health problems. 


Our desire is that, by working with councils and housing associations, we can still tackle these vital issues; helping you reach your objectives in a cost effective way while our youth engagement workers continue to visit schools and impact communities in the quest for a healthier, happier nation.

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