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Course Target: Youth

Digital Resilience

Our range of assembly and workshop programmes enable children, young people and their families to work together to explore how to create a better internet…

Empowerment & Confidence

Empower and support young people as they develop relationships. Workshops that give skills for life, growth and change.

Drug Education

Providing factually accurate and balanced information, ensuring that young people are well-informed; preparing young people not scaring them

Gangs, & Knives Crime

GANG & KNIFE CRIME WORKSHOPS Explore & create awareness around gangs, crime, knife crime, motivation & resilience Providing young people…

Mental Health & Resilience

Resilience is typically thought to be about being able to survive and withstand psychological trauma. However, it is also about the ability to learn, grow…

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION WORKSHOPS Celebrating LGBTQ+ in Education Every school has a responsibility to promote diversity and equality, to ensure…
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