An Emotional Resilience Program

Evidence shows that resilience contributes to healthy behaviours, higher qualifications & skills, better employment, improved mental wellbeing, & a quicker or more successful recovery from illness.


BOUNCE! - An Emotional Resilience Program

Traditionally, resilience has been defined as how we bounce back from difficult situations.


We are entering a period of rapid technological change that will affect everyone, both at home and in the workplace. Our BOUNCE! program takes a modern approach to resilience so we can proactively deal with what lies ahead, and advance despite adversity.


Using the KIP Education BOUNCE! approach to resilience we have developed a unique program where young people are better able to make sense of the world around them, build strong relationships, and seek out support when they experience difficulties.


Practical workshops for young people to learn & apply practical strategies, to improve their own resilience.

This dynamic collection of 45-60 minute workshops, help young people of all ages deep dive into the key domains of resilience and discover their strength and weaknesses to build resilience today.


Young People will be able to use these skills strategies at school, home and beyond.


Choose the entire programme or select your specific modules.


Advance despite adversity and book the BOUNCE! program now!

How does the BOUNCE! program build resilience?

KIP Education’s teaching & training are delivered in KIP Education’s, unique, engaging, energetic style, by dynamic, experienced behavioural experts with a background in youth engagement, directly to your young people.

What are the BOUNCE! program topics?

by reassessing, reframing, and adapting our responses to stressful events. By looking forward to the future rather than focusing on the problem at hand

by building healthy relationships with those close to us, being open to accepting help, and helping others to strengthen our resilience.

Accepting that change is a part of living and focusing on what we can, rather than cannot change; Maintaining a hopeful outlook – being optimistic, using visualisation techniques; and how to take care of ourselves – physically, emotionally, and socially.

trusting our instincts and growing confidence in our own capabilities. Through self-discovery we can learn from traumatic, stressful, or difficult events, use them to make ourselves stronger and more resilient

setting realistic targets and goals that we can accomplish. How to take decisive actions – …and take decisive steps to achievement.

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