Changing Bodies – Puberty Package

Easy & Effective Puberty Package in or Out of the Classroom


Parent & Child Session
Changing Bodies - Puberty Package

Have you have recently found yourself becoming both teacher and parent at home, have you put the ‘Big Talk’ on the back-burner? Then do not fear, KIP Education is here!


We have adapted our face to face session to bring an awesome webinar for you and your children. 


We have designed, created and successfully implemented a fun and educational online webinar on all things period, puberty, hygiene, emotions and inclusivity.

Educating both boys and girls on this topic is crucial to help break down the stigma surrounding changing bodies, leaving you and your child more comfortable & confident to discuss the transition from child to adolescent, without shame or embarrassment.

What will be covered?

To help you, and make sure that your children are not missing out, we have developed these workshops in line with the National Curriculum and they are all age appropriate.


Aimed at Years 5, 6, 7 & 8, these online webinars are just right for you and your children.


Amazing value at only £7.50 for parent & child* and delivered at a time to fit around family commitments.


Delivered by experienced teachers, youth workers and social care professionals, to get the information you need to feel confident talking about these tricky topics so we can all make positive choices and stay safe online and in the real world.

What is the format?

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