Gang & Knife Crime Workshops

Exploring & creating awareness around gangs, crime, knife crime, motivation & resilience


Providing young people with skills to identify & explore the dangers of criminal & anti-social behaviour.


We aim to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in crime, by targeting those most at risk of offending and anti-social behaviour with appropriate intervention. Diverting young people from school exclusion and further crime-related behaviours.


A safe space for young people to examine & challenge their own ideas about crime & antisocial behaviour.


This is achieved and delivered in KIP Education’s, unique, engaging, energetic style, by dynamic, experienced behavioural experts with a background in youth engagement.

Examples of Gang Workshops

Impressionable Minds have introduced the new ‘Crime Day’. Pupils are taken off timetable for the day and introduced to our full range of workshops, presentations and activities. The day includes a theatre production, the chance to meet an ex-criminal and a lot of fun!

This lively session is led by a former North London Gang member is enjoyed by school children of all ages. It is an interactive workshop, capturing all learning styles. The session consists of an introduction to Youth Crime, a definition of Gangs, how to get out of a gang, victim awareness, the media, knives and the law and a Q&A session.

Following an 11 year prison sentence Akiel Chinelo has worked since 2004 as a freelance performer and workshop facilitator. He uses the art of poetry to stretch the imagination of your students. Akiel will take the students on a journey to educate on prison related issues. Students will learn about conditions in prisons, routine, how much it costs the country. Akiel will lead a Q&A session giving the students the opportunity to ask questions about his experiences.

This workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Racial, cyber bullying, gender. Racism, age, culture and disability.
  • Personal experiences of bullying and its negative impact.
  • Identify how participants can deal with bullying situations in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Identify sources of help when confronted with bullying.
  • Work with a professional actor in role plays, to act out bullying scenarios that have directly affected the students and identify possible solutions.

 Students will learn about the different types of medicines, legal and illegal drugs including their form, effects and their associated risks. They will experience what it feels like to be drunk with the use of ‘drunk goggles’ and attempt to pass a road side test! A debate will take place on the law in relation to drug use and how drug use impacts on the user and their families.

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If you are a setting & your budget is limited, please give us a call & we can talk through the possibilities with you

1st Facilitator

£ 300 / Hour / Workshop
  • Additional Hour: £115

Additional facilitator

£ 325 /Workshop
  • All Day


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