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Training Style

In House, Virtual, Face to Face

Certificates and Handouts


Expected Learning Outcome

  • Explore their own experiences of gender
  • Discuss the values and beliefs that underlie gender norms
  • Gain a better understanding of sexual diversity
  • Look critically at their attitudes towards GSMs
  • Take ownership of a new set of principles, values, and feelings
  • Work practically to challenge GSD-related stigma and discrimination and develop new codes of practice

The concept of sexual orientation refers to more than sexual behaviour; it includes feelings as well as identity. This interactive training aims to explore Sexual Identity and Gender Expression/Identity for those unfamiliar with the LGBTQI+ community. Understanding and applying concepts about gender and sexuality, including using appropriate language, is essential to public health programming.

The training provides practical guidance on creating welcoming, inclusive, and equitable workplaces and designing effective health and development programs to support those most at risk. This unique course provides participants with experience in working with LGBTQI+ people and gives the necessary competences to include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression perspectives in their practice, to combat prejudice and discriminatory attitudes.

Additionally ALL participants will gain access to a wide range of resources, including educational materials, referral networks, and support services.
Our Experienced Trainers Support Participants Through Interactive Exercises And Facilitated Discussions, Creating A Safe Space For Reflection, Sharing And Professional Development.

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Who is this training for?

This training is a must for any professional working with children or young people and their families, parents or carers. It’s suitable for various settings and either group or 1:1 dynamics.

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