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Expected Learning Outcome

  • Identify unconscious bias and understand how to mitigate it.
  • Be aware of microaggressions and eradicate them.
  • Free the workplace from discrimination and stereotyping.
  • Build a sense of belonging for people with diverse backgrounds.
  • Encourage team cohesion and communication across all cultures.

Creating an inclusive workplace that supports all staff to deliver their best work and thrive is essential for all organisations. By raising awareness of the mental shortcuts that lead to snap judgments—often based on race and gender—about people’s talents or character, this course strives to improve the interactions with customers and among colleagues. This training teaches participants to manage their biases, practice new behaviours, and track their progress. Giving participants information that contradicts stereotypes and allows for connection with colleagues whose experiences are different from theirs. This interactive course will help employees overcome denial and act on their awareness, develop the empathy that combats bias, diversify their networks, and commit to improvement.

Our beliefs about Inclusivity, Equity, Diversity, and Belonging are at the core of all of our work. That’s what we are committed to teaching, training, and practicing at KIP Education.

Who is this training for?

This training is suitable for all learners, including employers, managers, supervisors, full-time and part-time workers, as everyone in the workplace has a responsibility for supporting equality and diversity.

Who is this training for?

This training is a must for any professional working with children or young people and their families, parents or carers. It’s suitable for various settings and either group or 1:1 dynamics.

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