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PoliticoFocus is an innovative and inclusive charitable company dedicated to changing the landscape of research, training and education in political and social issues, human rights and international relations.
PoliticoFocus was developed to address the gap in knowledge of political and social issues around the world, and the lack of access to that knowledge. 

Education Sessions for Young People

Fun and interesting education sessions for young people aged 10-17 years olds. Delivered in a variety of environments including schools, colleges, children’s care homes, youth clubs and summer camps. 
We have a range of sessions available which you can mix and match, or choose the sessions that best suit your needs. Our sessions and materials can be tailored for different group sizes, outcomes, aims and age groups. 
Sessions can be delivered in classrooms, assemblies, whole school enrichment days, small groups of young people for direct commissioned work. 
We also design and deliver exclusive debate programmes for young people and adolescents, get in touch for a discussion. 

KIP Education’s teaching & training are delivered in KIP Education’s, unique, engaging, energetic style, by dynamic, experienced behavioural experts with a background in youth engagement, directly to your young people.

The program includes:

In the UK, many people do not exercise their political right to vote in elections. This interactive workshop will show participants how to register to vote, where to vote, how the electoral system works, and a chance to take part in debates on voting rights and who should be able to vote, including lowering the voting age.

After WWII, an international council was set up to create a universal declaration of rights for each and every human. This interactive workshop will follow the progression of this, to our modern day human rights. This workshop aims to empower people with knowledge of what their human rights are and what they really mean. The session will also cover human rights abuses, and interactive debates and tasks to encourage critical thinking and participants own opinions on human rights.

How do we form our opinions? How do we decide what information we trust? This interactive session on critical thinking encourages deeper, critical thinking, why critical thinking is so important in modern day life, and when critical thinking is most important. This workshop also includes interactive tasks such as evaluating the reliability of political sources, and how to fact check.

The ONS has shown that we are consuming more media than ever, with children consuming around 7 hours a day, and adults estimated at 9 hours a day! But do we always recognise bias? This interactive workshop gives participants the tools they need to identify bias in the media, how to find competing sources, the different types of media bias, and what the aims of different media is. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss and debate what they think is the impact of media bias has been on society.

Too often we see political discussion turn from a healthy debate into personal attacks. This interactive workshop looks at why it’s important to discuss social and political opinions, and how to do it in a healthy way. Through critiquing political leaders’ debates, and staging our own political discussions participants can learn how what makes a political discussion or debate successful and unsuccessful, as well as understanding how to get the most out of discussing opposing views with other people.

Do you ever look at the world and wish you could change it? There are many different ways to become politically active and challenge, change, and influence social and political structures, norms, and policies in the world around us. This interactive workshop explores a multitude of ways we can get our ideas heard, and scrutinise current politics in effective ways. Participants will also have the opportunity to plan their own political campaign on a cause of their choice.

Who is the government? What do they actually do? How did they get there? How do we choose them? This interactive workshop looks at the UK electoral system, from national to local government, devolution, and what politicians are expected to do. Participants will also be able to debate the system by which the UK elects it’s leaders, with the opportunity to generate their own ideas of what a democracy should look like.

What is the political spectrum? What does left wing and right wing mean? This interactive workshop looks at a range of political views and ideologies and decide where they think they would sit on the political spectrum if at all. This session will also look at the history of some of the most prominent ideologies to critically examine political motivations today.

From the prime minister, to cabinet ministers, to parish councillors, this interactive workshop discusses who is accountable for what, and why at all levels of government and politics. Participants will learn what the many different roles are in government, what they are accountable for, who they are accountable to, and about the Nolan Principles.

How do politicians make laws? An interactive workshop following the process of how legislation is created, changed, and abolished in the UK from the decision to legislate to Royal assent and beyond.

Accessing official political materials helps us make a more informed choice when voting, to hold politicians to account, and to challenge current legislation and proposals. This interactive workshop will show participants exactly which political materials they should be aware of, aims where to find them.

Too often, politicians speak in ways that is accessible to the general public. This interactive workshop will examine why they do this, and how to understand political language and jargon.

Too often, politicians speak in ways that is accessible to the general An interactive workshop that introduces participants to the purpose of feminism and the women’s rights movement. This includes the suffragettes, and the following waves of feminism, including women in politics today.public. This interactive workshop will examine why they do this, and how to understand political language and jargon.

This interactive workshop is an introduction to the definitions experiences and impacts of discrimination and oppression of different groups of people. This session includes understanding the equality act and how to spot the signs of discrimination and oppression in the world today.

This interactive workshop is an introduction to global environmental issues and the ways in which politics influences our responses to our environmental concerns. This session includes critically examining competing views and approaches as well as an interactive debate among participants.

This interactive workshop is an introduction to justice criminal processes in the UK. What does justice mean? What are our rights if we become a victim of crime? This session also includes discussions around the effectiveness and outcomes of our criminal justice system for victims and offenders, and includes the opportunity to debate whether participants think there should be a reform for the criminal justice system

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