Project Happiness

A Sustainable Health & Well-Being Programme for Young People in Schools & Youth Settings


Until recently teaching happiness in schools & youth settings, might have been dismissed as woolly theories but with young people’s happiness now in the spotlight owing to high levels of self-harm, attempted suicide and other mental health problems, education settings are starting to take this more seriously. 


Youth settings and schools may now at last be about to enter a period of happiness enlightenment.

An 8-module programme supporting young people to learn social & emotional skills

We now know that emotional intelligence — what we call EQ — is a greater predictor of life success than IQ. Many dedicated teachers and caring adults like you have looked beyond the “typical” approach to prepare young people for opportunities & challenges outside school & youth settings.

KIP Education believe that all young people are entitled to be happy and enjoy their life in school and youth settings, whether through a genuine love of learning, through building positive friendships and relationships, or through feeling a sense of belonging in the community and wider society.

Today, growing insecurity, inequality, mobility and life stress, along with poverty, conflict and environmental concerns mean that we should expect more from education systems. In particular, we require that education systems play a role in addressing these challenges in a world of such rapid and uncertain change.

The ‘Project Happiness’ programme has key techniques and session/lesson plans to teach good practices in mindfulness & gratitude that promote resilience & help children lead healthier psychological lives.

Who is the course for?

The programme is aimed to support the work of educators & facilitators in raising awareness around happiness and well-being. For those using the curriculum more informally with young people, we encourage you to experiment with the different lessons and practices and determine which may be of most benefit. Perhaps you’ll systematically go through each module or maybe you’ll draw from a few. We encourage you to test things out on your own and see these practices as a starting point and source of inspiration.

How this Program helps Young People

This unique programme has been created to engage even the most dubious of young minds and those young people who are so often seen as ‘hard to reach’. Empowering your young people and helping them to believe in themselves as well as the people around them.
Investing in young people’s well-being is the strongest predictor of their future happiness

Project Happiness teaching & training is delivered in KIP Education’s, unique, engaging, energetic style, by dynamic, experienced behavioural experts with a background in youth engagement.

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