Drug Awareness

Creating Awareness Around Addiction & Substance Use


By equipping young people with knowledge and understanding we empower them to deal with these challenges.

KIP Education provide factually correct & balanced drug information. Providing clear boundaries as well as explaining the potential health, social and legal consequences of substance misuse.


Encouraging conversations about drugs and alcohol to be open and relaxed; preparing young people not scaring them, we offer knowledge & valuable life skills.


We use a harm reduction model which is a public health approach to encourage young people to say how drugs relate to them in society.


We use a number of creative ways to raise the issue which is both age and material appropriate.

We aim to provide:

Examples of workshops:

This program explores the relationship between substance use (primary focus on alcohol) and friendship, and developing skills to respond to peers who may be experiencing difficulty with substance use. 

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If you are a setting & your budget is limited, please give us a call & we can talk through the possibilities with you

1st Facilitator

£ 300 / Hour / Workshop
  • Additional Hour: £115

Additional facilitator

£ 325 /Workshop
  • All Day


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