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Our content covers all of the below topics and we are happy to work closely with organisations who require something bespoke

  • Workshop One: I am bigger than my worry
  • Workshop Two: Calming down and letting go
  • Workshop Three: For Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents and Caring Adults

Helping young people through their day-to-day problems can be as simple as a two-minute moment of mindfulness.

Providing young people with calming strategies to manage their worries and build both their confidence and resilience, so they feel calmer, happier and flourish in school life and beyond.

Bring mindfulness-focusing techniques to the classroom, youth setting, or anywhere. This inventive collection of 45-minute workshops, helps young people live in the moment, de-stress, and be more productive. Young People will be able to use these calming strategies at school, home and beyond. Choose the entire programme or select your specific modules.

Take your step to enlightenment and The Calmer Classroom book now!

Expected Learning Outcomes

WORKSHOP ONE – I am bigger than my worry (45 MINS)

  • Develop self-awareness by reflecting on thoughts and feelings.
  • Understanding that our thoughts and feelings can affect our ability to learn and be happy.
  • Recognise that our feelings impact our physical health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Assess and manage thoughts and feelings.
  • Use knowledge and understanding to recognise situations that may cause ‘a worry’.
  • Develop skills to manage worries.
  • Recognise when to seek support and who may provide this.


WORKSHOP TWO – Calming Down and Letting go. (45 MINS)

  • Gain greater enjoyment and appreciation of everyday life.
  • How to deal with stress/ accept things will happen, & respond instead of react.
  • To recognise early anger/ stress signs and deal with it.
  • How to access calm when you need it.
  • Gain greater self-awareness.
  • More acceptance of emotion.


WORKSHOP THREE: For Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents and Caring Adults

Evidence shows mindfulness is very effective in helping with stress, anxiety, anger, low mood, chronic pain, depression, addiction and insomnia. It also helps develop areas of the brain that are important for focus, empathy, compassion and emotional regulation. We all know how stressful parenting can be. This workshop provides practical strategies that can be used in everyday life .

Mindfulness can bridge the gap and make us more sensitive and appreciative of our children’s inner experience. This exclusive workshop also includes resources, recommended reading list and calming apps.

  • An increased understanding of our own patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and learning new ways of relating to these
  • Increase our understanding of child emotional and psychological development (to go after first point as links well
  • Explore how the practice of mindfulness might support us in parenting.
  • Gain an ability to manage emotions and respond skillfully to children and their experiences, situation and / or behaviours
  • Know strategies that can support your children to feel calmer and happier in relation to ourselves and our children
  • Increasing our capacity as parents, and as individuals, for acceptance, patience, kindness and compassion

For Educators

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Our courses draw on the insights of young people, families and professionals that we work with every year. We keep things practical by sharing experiences, giving practical tips and advice, sharing good practice, and exploring ideas through discussion and group work.

We value discussion and run courses in a relaxed and supportive way so you can build confidence in your new skills and reflect on your development.

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Workshop Pricing

If you are a setting & your budget is limited, please give us a call & we can talk through the possibilities with you

First Facilitator

£ 325 for the 1st workshop /hour
  • Each Additional Hour: £125

Additional facilitators

£ 485
  • Extra facilitators can stay the whole day!
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