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This course provides specialised knowledge for professionals working with young people , focusing on the management of self-harm & suicide-related behaviours.

Novel Psychoactive Substance (Legal Highs) Training

BOUNCE! – An Emotional Resilience Program

Evidence shows that resilience contributes to healthy behaviours, higher qualifications & skills, better employment, improved mental wellbeing, & a quicker or more successful recovery from illness.

Changing Bodies – Puberty Package

Easy & Effective Puberty Package in or Out of the Classroom

Social Gaming & Mental Health

SOCIAL GAMING & MENTAL HEALTH WORKSHOPS Mental Health and Gaming – Whats the problem?​ PSHE sessions that create awareness around social…

Self-Harm & Self-Injury

SELF HARM & SELF INJURY WORKSHOPS Coping without cutting Walk into any secondary school and you can be confident that…

Drug Awareness

DRUG AWARENESS WORKSHOPS Creating Awareness Around Addiction & Substance Use KIP Education provide factually correct & balanced drug information. Providing…

Primary School K1S & K2S

Primary Health & Well-Being Workshops Fun, Educational & Creative Sessions for KS1 & KS2s We have developed all our workshops…

Gang & Knife Crime

GANG & KNIFE CRIME WORKSHOPS Explore & create awareness around gangs, crime, knife crime, motivation & resilience Providing young people…

Emotional Resilience Workshops

EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE WORKSHOPS Skills for a balanced life Resilience is typically thought to be about being able to survive and…