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Challenging Appearance Ideals and More

KIP Education’s Self-Esteem & Body Image workshops help young people to reflect on their relationship with their body; celebrate the amazing things their body can do. Encouraging young people to engage in behaviours that are positive and respectful to themselves, their body and also to others.

Young people will learn to become savvy, critical consumers of media. Through discussion, role-play, analysing examples of real advertising, watching videos and completing activities, young people will recognise appearance-related pressures. They will explore how images of people in professional media often misrepresent reality, being altered to sell products or services.

Our programme helps empower students to feel good about a themselves and build resilience. 

Our self-esteem & body image workshops for schools and youth organisations are an opportunity for  young people to show their commitment to promoting body acceptance and celebrating diversity.

Body image is how we FEEL about our appearance. It’s not about how we look…​

Learning Outcomes

  • Encourage young people to consider the language they use around appearance, body shape and size and to see their worth as a person, well beyond how they look!
  • Build body confidence and help valuing themselves and others on the basis of appearance 
  • Young people develop respect for their own individuality and the diversity they see around them, gaining skills and confidence to be the best version of themselves
  • Young people will recognise that comparing people and things by the way they look is human nature but explore how these comparisons can be harmful
  • Young people will consider the role they can personally play in challenging appearance pressures, committing to actions that champion body confidence in themselves and others

The program includes:

  • Potential Effects of Social Media (Positive/Negative)

  • Understanding and exploring emotional well being and resilience

  • An overview of the complexities of the disordered eating.

  • Awareness of the negative influences that put an individual at greater risk of eating disorders and other types of self-harm / self-injury (i.e. cutting)

  • Suggested proactive safeguarding techniques and a discussion on how to reach out for help, or offer help.

“I really liked it. I learned about what stress actually is and I learned different ways for coping with stress that I can do easily.”

Liz Ellis
Fearnhill School

We deliver workshops in an informal and interactive manner. 

We steer clear of lecture-style presentations and encourage dialogue through facilitating conversation and engaging in thought-provoking & fun activities.


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