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Celebrating LGBTQ+ in Education

Every school has a responsibility to promote diversity and equality, to ensure the school experience is inclusive of all its students. With an influx of young people identifying within the LGBTQ+ umbrella it is vital that peers, teachers and parents are equipped with tools to further support these individuals. 

Mental health and substance misuse issues are significantly higher for LGBTQ+ youth. This includes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. 


“It has led to a much more supportive and cohesive student body where all our students feel safe and happy”


Our inclusive workshops for schools and youth organisations are an opportunity for  young people to show their commitment to promoting acceptance and celebrating diversity.

Having visible role models can help give a young person the confidence to embrace who they are...​

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what homophobia is and speak up when something is wrong


  • To recognise when people are prejudging people and understand how it feels

  • The potential impact of hiding your identity and feelings

  • The importance of supporting LGBT+ people
  • The marginalisation of minorities in mainstream culture

  • Develop an appreciation of the diversity within the LGBT+ community

  • Sexuality is only one part of an individual’s identity

  • Develop shared principles and values about the importance of diversity

The program includes:

  • Mental health & substance misuse issues in the LGBTQ+ community

  • LGBTQ+ specific Sex and Relationships Education

  • Life stories by LGBTQ+ professionals

  • Tackling Homophobia & Transphobia in school

  • Gender Diversity & Trans Awareness

  • LGBTQ+ rights & worldwide legislation

“This whole programme and support has been effective from start to finish. KIP Education’s collaborative planning approach enabled us to tailor the sessions to the specific needs of our children and parents and their responses were extremely positive. We will definitely work with KIP Education again in the future.”

Gemma Sweeney
Ashmole AcademySchool


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