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Skills for a balanced life

Resilience is typically thought to be about being able to survive and withstand psychological trauma. However, it is also about the ability to learn, grow and thrive as a result of the experiences we have. The key is to learn resilience techniques and have space to practice them.

KIP Education’s Emotional Resilience workshops, look at how to change our perception of stressful events that happen, by challenging negative thoughts. This goes beyond simply ‘thinking positively’. Our workshops are a great way to introduce the key components of resilience.

Our resilience workshops are skills-based & highly interactive. 


Young People learn & practice a range of skills they can use throughout their lives


Our interactive resilience workshops for schools and youth organisations are an opportunity for  young people to how to apply these skills in everyday life – to increase emotional resilience and stay focused, balanced and on task in the face of adversity and change.

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The human capacity for burden is like bamboo- far more flexible than you'd ever believe at first glance

Learning Outcomes

  • Build understanding of how thinking drives  behaviour and outcomes, and how to reframe thinking for a new and positive perspective 
  • Recognise early warning signals of stress overload and apply techniques to build resilience
  • Apply practical resilience strategies and tools into everyday situations to build long-term resilience and optimism

  • Increased self-awareness and personal empowerment: young people learn to self-manage their physical and psychological health

  • Enhanced capability through increased vitality, motivation and concentration skills

  • Increase ability to build and maintain positive, healthy and stress-free relationships

  • Understanding and exploring emotional well being and resilience

The program includes:

  • Learning how to stay calm, focused and productive under pressure.

  • Resilience, stress & performance

  • What is stress? Recognising signs and symptoms of stress & burnout

  • Emotional resilience & mindfulness: enhancing health, performance and relationships

  • Responding to change: developing an open, aware and flexible mind-set

  • The sleep cycle – how and why we sleep. Causes of sleep disturbance

  • Suggested proactive techniques and a discussion on how to reach out for help, or offer help.

“You have amazing enthusiasm, the children loved you! You created a safe, positive environment and addressed an important topic that we can refer to all year. Your behaviour management was amazing and the children really respected you. Thanks also for a great project!”

Victoria Williams
Beaconsfield School


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