Future U


Future U is an 8-week personal development (Life Skills) programme for young people.


It [the programme] enables participants to reflect on difficulties [within school and in their personal lives] and; by applying a solution-focused approach to build strategies for a positive relationship with learning and an improved ability to tackle personal challenges.  

Future U was originally designed for young adults at Key Stage 3 (13-14 years).  This is because more evidence exists demonstrating that intervention at this stage [in young people’s lives] significantly improves engagement with education, and has now been adapted to suit all ages, including primary and secondary.

‘As an Evidence Based programme Future U has been designed to incorporate and apply the theoretical principles of:

  1. Department for Education Research into Young People, Class, Gender and Socio-Economic Status
  2. The Comprehensive Social Influence Model(s) of Resilience Education
  3. Attachment Theory

Furthermore evidence shows that building young people’s resilience to risk [taking behaviours] significantly improves their future life chances in terms of physical and mental well being together with meaningful employment in later life thus improving social mobility. 

  • Through taking part, young people’s sense of self, their agency and self-efficacy is improved.  
  • Future U, being evidence based, stimulating and motivating, equips them with the ability to better engage with school, the community and wider society.
  • Enhancing life-skills thus reducing the risk of longer-term unhealthy outcomes caused by drugs and alcohol misuse, smoking and crime involvement
  • Future U improves later life prospects

Over an 8-week period young people are enabled to explore challenges in their lives including school, and to learn to build coping strategies equipping them with knowledge, understanding, skills and experiences to manage themselves in a more positive manner


Achievements: “I have been brave. I got 60 in all science tests.”

Improvements: “I have improved my behaviour and learning.”

Future focus: “Focus on my work and not get in trouble

Achievements: We worked well and shared ideas in Grangewaters (outdoor centre) and we broke a record.”

Improvements: “I could improve on getting involved like taking part in a four man job.”

Future focus: “Find a strength I could use to help the team.”

Achievements: “I have achieved with my confidence.”

Improvements: “I need to improve on my classwork.”

Future focus: “Revise and listen to the teachers more.”

Please let us know your preferred course dates, and the number of participants. Please tell us the course or topic you are interested in.