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KIP Education CIC’s professional training programme is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge for professionals in a variety of fields working with young people who misuse substances. This programme offers an opportunity to learn alongside professionals from other fields.

We have numerous courses available which are designed to help you understand and address substance use and young people confidently and effectively. For more information about the courses please click on the relevant course link below:

The purpose of the KIP Education Substance Misuse Training Programme is to enable participants to:

  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of all substances

  • Reflect on the role of attitudes when working with substance misuse

  • Respond to substance use & misuse more confidently

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KIP Education look beyond the immediate behaviours and understand the reasons why young people take use drugs, and use this understanding to inform the development of effective education, services and support

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The Alcohol & Youth Skills Training aims to improve youth providers’ skills, confidence and knowledge in identifying young people who are misusing alcohol and enable them to intervene appropriately.

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With a detailed focus on strategies and session plans when working with young people in and out of the classroom, this course covers a wide range of issues related to substance misuse, social effects, health and the various responses and interventions when working with young people.

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This course provides comprehensive information on cannabis and young people’s misuse. It will also increase your confidence and knowledge in how to support young people to make good decisions about these types of behaviours, including problematic cannabis dependence.

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Understand current research and resources around young people’s sexual activity and alcohol use and increase awareness of the links between alcohol use and sexual activity.

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The relationship between past sexual abuse and consequent substance misuse is increasingly understood and the relationship presents many challenges to service users and providers.

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This course will increase a participant’s knowledge of the emerging danger from the abuse of new designer compounds and other novel drugs of abuse. Specific emerging substances of abuse that will be covered are Bath Salts, Synthetic cannabinoids (K2), Salvia as well as other designer compounds and naturally occurring substances.

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Risk taking behaviour in young people and how their decisions about alcohol, drugs, self-harm, sex and relationships are often linked together. This one-day course aims to give facilitators a unique framework when working with young people.

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This one-day training programme supports professionals with the challenges young people face; include risks of grooming and sexual exploitation, negotiating online safety, engaging in healthy consent-based relationships, and dealing with the pressures to conform to idealised models of ‘how to be’ men and women.

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This one day course is for professionals working in a range of youth and community settings.

This course provides specialised knowledge for professionals working with young people , focusing on the management of self-harm & suicide-related behaviours.

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To provide participants with an understanding of what professional boundaries are and why they are needed.

Explore power balance/imbalance, who negotiates the boundaries and who is accountable should a violation occur

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At KIP Education, the experiences of professionals, and the young people they work with, are at the heart of our training programme. Each year we deliver training to over 10,000 professionals, and our expert trainers give you the practical skills to support the young people you work with.

Our training courses are designed to build your understanding of key issues and give you the confidence to make a difference in young people’s lives.


Specifically designed and developed to meet a client’s particular needs where a mix of training and consultancy could be offered.

For more information, please contact the KIP Education Training Manager on 0208 207 5567

Please take a moment to contact us for more information.

Please let us know your preferred course dates, and the number of participants. Please tell us the course or topic you are interested in.