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Online Training: Emotional Resilience Training – Building Resilience In & Out Of The Classroom

June 4 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Building resilience is a huge part of development. Young people are resilient, they cope better during or after difficult situations. They ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong. Young people need resilience to navigate life’s ups and downs.

Resilience education gives children and young people the opportunity to develop a range of social and emotional skills that can influence the way they make choices and decisions in challenging situations. By supporting young people in developing the skills to build resilience and a growth mindset, we can minimise the effects of negative, stressful situations. These skills allow young people to face challenges, learn from them, and develop ways to live a happy and healthy life.

This 2.5-hour online course aims to give facilitators a unique framework when working with young people.

With a perfect blend of theory and practical skills that you can use with young people.

This training consists of real-time sessions & techniquesdiscussion groups and opportunities to practice and network with each other.

A must for any teacher or youth engagement worker

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Learning Outcomes

  • What are the factors that influence wellbeing & resilience?
  • Explore the main components of resilience
  • How to build resilience in young people.
  • Why is resilience so important for young people
  • What contribution can social and emotional programmes bring to schools & youth organisations
  • Taking a strength based approach to resilience.
  • Promoting positive relationships
  • Gain a greater awareness of resources of help, support, and information to access
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Suitable for:

Practitioners working with young people in groups or 1-1 settings, e.g. school staff, youth workers, residential care workers:

  • Class teacher
  • Learning Mentor
  • Pastoral Lead
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Family support Worker
  • Headteacher
  • Assistant Head
  • Social Worker
  • Nurse
  • Support Worker
  • Youth Worker
  • Parents & Carers


At KIP Education, the experiences of professionals, and the young people they work with, are at the heart of our training programme. Each year we deliver training to over 10,000 professionals, and our expert trainers give you the practical skills to support the young people you work with.

Our training courses are designed to build your understanding of key issues and give you the confidence to make a difference in young people’s lives.

KIP Education CIC is a boutique provider of innovative learning solutions for all organisations large or small. Our customised offerings are focused on reducing the cost of training while maximizing results.

KIP Education can provide training in your area for small or large groups.
To arrange a course please contact us.
For more information please visit our training course page.

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