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LiteBites: Managing Anxiety in Young People

July 13, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Who could have predicted the effect that Covid-19 would have on our lives and the impact on our young people’s mental health?

 Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders (Gore et al., 2011) which affect around one in five children and young people (Lawrence et al., 2015). This can have serious negative impacts on young people, including:

  • physical health problems
  • difficulties with social inclusion; and
  • poorer academic achievement (Jaycox et al., 2009; Lawrence et al., 2015).

If left untreated, childhood anxiety can continue into adulthood – and over time can become increasingly difficult to manage (Birmaher, Arbelaez, & Brent, 2002). Despite this, there is a lack of research on services for  anxiety in young people (Knapp et al., 2016).

With a detailed focus on strategies and techniques when working with young people, this 1 – hour ‘LiteBite’ covers a wide range of issues related to anxiety & Covid-19, social effects, health and the various responses and interventions when working with young people.

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Practitioners working with young people in groups or 1-1 settings, e.g. school staff, youth workers, residential care workers:

• Class teacher
• Learning Mentor
• Pastoral Lead
• Teaching Assistant
• Family support Worker
• Headteacher
• Assistant Head
• Social Worker
• Nurse
• Support Worker
• Youth Worker
• Parents & Carers
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£9.49 for 1-hour or £16.49 for 2

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn key techniques to discussing anxiety with young people
  • Explore preventative techniques to reduce anxiety and provide young people with the tools to rise to life’s challenges, and make the most of setbacks and adversity
  • Common characteristics in anxious adolescents
  • Gain knowledge around mood disorders and its impact on young people
  • Maintain a natural and easy rapport with young people when talking about mental health.
  • Gain a greater awareness of resources of help, support, and information to access
  • Where and when to refer on to
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