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Webinar: Prevention of Violent Youth Radicalisation

December 3 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Violent radicalisation is among the most pervasive challenges of our time.

While it is not confined to any age, sex, group or community, young people are particularly vulnerable to the messages of violent extremists and terrorist organisations

This 3-hour online course aims to give facilitators a deep insight on radicalisation so they are better prepared to respond. It blends theory and practical tools that can be used directly with young people.

This training involves a real-time session, practical techniques, discussion groups and opportunities to practice and network with each other.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the term ‘violent youth radicalisation’ and be able to explain to young people what the four types of radicalisation – extremism are.
  • Illustrate why the internet is a favourite tool for recruiting young people
  • Understand and identify early warning signs of radicalisation in young people
  • Utilise the professional tool ‘Behaviour Barometer’ to recognize violent youth radicalisation.
  • Explore practical examples of ‘What works’ with young people in terms of preventing radicalisation
  • Learn how to have inclusive and respectful dialogues with young people promoting critical thinking in relation to radicalisation
  • Discuss and consider ‘best responses’ in relation to real-life case studies

This training can be linked to your continued professional development CPD and is a great way to network with other professionals



The session combines various teaching methods, including:

  • Discussion
  • Presentation.
  • An experiential exercise.
  • Small group and pair work.
  • Whole group discussion.


Practitioners working with young people in groups or 1-1 settings, e.g. school staff, youth workers, residential care workers:

• Class teacher
• Learning Mentor
• Pastoral Lead
• Teaching Assistant
• Family support Worker
• Headteacher
• Assistant Head
• Social Worker
• Nurse
• Support Worker
• Youth Worker
• Parents & Carers


Dr Eliza Patouris holds a PhD in the psychology of risky behaviours from the University of East Anglia (UK). She is currently a Lecturer of the MA Criminology at the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) as well as a European Project Manager and Researcher within which she conducts European-wide research and training related to violent youth radicalisation, social reintegration, capacity- building, social justice and social inclusion. She is a published scholar in the field of youth radicalisation and has presented at numerous European conferences. She has designed, developed and implemented formal and non-formal training related to youth radicalisation for academic, vocational and professional groups.

Dr. Patouris recently pioneered and co-organised the first conference in Cyprus on ‘Violent Youth Radicalisation’ with the Ministry of Justice and Public Order. In the context of promoting inter-cultural understanding for the prevention of radicalisation, Dr. Patouris is also an Advanced Dialogue Facilitator under the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange (Soliya) programme. She has recently also undertaken the role of Guest Editor on the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (Special issue: VIOLENT YOUTH RADICALISATION: PERSPECTIVES AND SOLUTIONS).

Our training courses are designed to build your understanding of key issues & give you the confidence to make a difference in young people’s lives.