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WEBINAR: Risky Behaviours: Talking, Managing, Supporting Young People

July 1 @ 9:30 am

When compared to children or adults, young people are more likely to engage in binge drinking, drug use, criminal or anti-social behaviour, hate or knife crime and risky sexual behaviour.

This 3-hour online course aims to give facilitators a unique framework when working with young people.

With a perfect blend of theory and practical skills that you can use with young people.

This training consists of real-time sessions & techniques, discussion groups and opportunities to practice and network with each other.

A must for any teacher, youth worker, parent or carer​


Practitioners working with young people in groups or 1-1 settings, e.g. school staff, youth workers, residential care workers:​

• Learning Mentor
• Pastoral Lead
• Teaching Assistant
• Family support Worker
• Headteacher
• Assistant Head
• Social Worker
• Nurse
• Support Worker
• Youth Worker
• Parents & Carers


  • Understand and address early risky taking in young people.
  • Understand what influences young people’s behaviour.
  • Gain techniques to support young people to manage and understand risk.
  • Explore practical approaches young people can take to minimise and manage risky situations.
  • Gain practical skills and techniques for building resilience in young people.
  • Learn how to help adolescents find coping strategies using a life skills approach.
  • Know practical strategies and tools for promoting positive wellbeing in young people, using skills to manage risk.
  • Gain a greater awareness of local and national resources of help, support, and information

This training can be linked to your continued professional development CPD and is a great way to network with other professionals


Our training courses are designed to build your understanding of key issues and give you the confidence to make a difference in young people’s lives