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Webinar: Adolescent Mental Health Training

Children’s mental health is a serious area of concern – around 10% of children are now reported to have a diagnosable mental health condition and of these, most report delays in accessing appropriate help.

Webinar: Detached Youth Work for Beginners

Detached youth work creates a unique environment for non-formal and social education to take place within the community. From building confidence and teamwork to developing life and employability skills, detached work tackles the issues in the places young people choose to meet.   The first in our unique series of detached online webinars; this workshop […]

Webinar: Effective Detached Youth Work

Detached youth work creates a unique environment for non-formal and social education to take place within the community. The second in our unique series of detached online webinars; This workshop considers developing effective street-based projects to build positive relationships with young people who choose not to use building-based provision.   We look at the challenges […]

Online Training: Child Criminal Exploitation & Gang Labelled Offending Awareness

Vulnerable young people who are exploited or manipulated into committing crimes are victims in need of safeguarding & support. Whilst interventions for these are increasingly more available, young people are still often criminalised & regarded as having ‘made a choice’ to take part in illegal activity.   This unique 3-hour interactive training looks at young […]

WEBINAR: Risky Behaviours: Talking, Managing, Supporting Young People

When compared to children or adults, young people are more likely to engage in binge drinking, drug use, criminal or anti-social behaviour, hate or knife crime and risky sexual behaviour. This 3-hour online course aims to give facilitators a unique framework when working with young people. With a perfect blend of theory and practical skills that you can use with young people. This training consists of real-time sessions & techniques, discussion groups and opportunities to practice and […]

Webinar Emotional Resilience Training : Building Resilience In Young People

Building resilience is a huge part of development.  Young people are resilient, they cope better during or after difficult situations. They ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong. Young people need resilience to navigate life’s ups and downs. Resilience education gives children and young people the opportunity to develop a range of social and emotional skills that can […]

Delivering Quality Drug Education to Young People Training

Who could have predicted the effect that Covid-19 would have on our lives and the impact on our young people's drug use? Some thought that our young people would relish the break from all their mundane commitments . But we have been faced with a hard task. Those everyday social interactions that we rely on, […]