WEBINAR: Impact & Influence of Pornography on Young People Training

TALKING TO YOUNG PEOPLE ABOUT THE POTENTIAL IMPACT OF PORNOGRAPHY ON RELATIONSHIPS, SEX, CONSENT AND BODY IMAGE From primetime TV to online gaming young people are bombarded by sexualised images on a daily basis from a young age. Additionally, it’s been reported that online porn consumption has rocketed during lockdown, making high quality relationship and […]

WEBINAR: Supporting Emotional Wellbeing through Peer Mentoring Training

In a year like no other, from lockdown restrictions to the impact of the pandemic on relationships, education and future career prospects, many young people are feeling confused, frustrated and anxious. Peer mentoring programmes, providing one-to-one support with a well-trained role model of a similar age, create safe spaces for young people to meet, talk […]

WEBINAR: Young People and Anger Management Training

Lockdown and Covid related restrictions have been challenging for everyone, including young people. For some this has resulted in increased tensions at home, difficulty expressing emotions and aggressive behaviour, impacting on mental health and emotional wellbeing. As we begin the slow journey back to normal life, this online course aims to develop an understanding of how […]

Delivering Quality Drug Education to Young People Training

So, what is "effective" drugs education? The difficulty is getting the balance right between dispelling the myths, teaching the facts and maintaining a young persons' freedom of choice.

This is where KIP Educations' training excels.

INTERACTIVE WEBINAR: Skills for Working With Shame in Young People

Young People experience shame as a threat of being unlovable Shame is perhaps the most painful of all emotions. It is at the root of both the inner critic and perfectionism. It binds with and hides behind many other emotions, like anger and fear. It is often hard to detect. Many young people go to great […]