One Day conference bringing together leading academics & inspirational educators to ensure professionals are better equipped to tackle youth violence & CCE

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KIP education CIC & SOLVE: The centre for youth violence & conflict are proud

A one-day event for educators & facilitators with the innovation bug. 

Gain information, knowledge, & outcome‐driven practices that engage & empower those in local communities with chronic & emerging gang issues to create comprehensive solutions to prevent gang violence, reduce gang involvement, & suppress gang‐related crime.

This conference brings together the key speakers involved in tackling gangs, violence & weapon crime in the UK.

Attendees will gain the latest information & be able to explore new strategies on how to best tackle gang crime & young peoples mental health

keynote speakers

Bringing together leading academics and inspirational educators to ensure professionals are better equipped to tackle youth violence, CSE & young people's mental health.

Craig Pinkney

Criminologist & Urban Youth Specialist

Josie Collier

Social work & safeguarding consultant

Cheryl Garvey

Head of Community Development

Sean Monaghan

Director, Safer:Now

Dr. Lizzie Fitzmaurice

Principal Forensic Psychologist, Secure CAMHS

Patrick Green

CEO Ben Kinsella Trust


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We have created a day of inspirational keynote speakers for you to connect and learn from. 

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