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“Our workshops support young people and empower them to make positive, informed choices. Our training and workshops are radically changing the way we manage mental health in education. For a better future”.
Charlotte Gordon
Mentor & CEO
Our Vision

Responding to relevant matters and challenges

We believe all young people deserve high-quality ‘life skills’ education, and a chance for the best life outcomes possible. Our mission is to push social change forward by giving young people and their educators a toolkit to weather the realities of being a young person in today’s society. 

We connect physical, emotional, sexual and relational learning to empathy and communication skills, helping young people move respectfully through personal, cultural and social differences, and helping them to avoid harrn.

Greater PSHE knowledge develops respect for their own individuality and social diversity, gaining confidence to become the best version of themselves.



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All the support young people need

PSHE Workshops

Youth Workshops For All Ages.

Our interactive & life-skills based approach to PSHE, supports young people to develop the qualities & attributes needed to thrive.

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Why Kip Education
for PSHE

KIP Education offers workshops for young people, training for educators and support for parents across all PSHE themes. We’ve been busy leading PSHE education for 11 years, though it is clear that since the curriculum change and government’s mandate for schools to seek professional PSHE training, the urgency cannot be ignored.

We stand out because we are obsessed with cut-through; we bring life skills training to life through thought-provoking and fun activities; no flat PDFs or endless presentations here.

We are trusted because we know how to work the room creating a safe space for honest collaboration so participants can show up as their authentic selves and attain true knowledge. Knowledge Is Power:

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KIP Education’s detailed training provides up-to-date information, tools & empowering techniques for working with young people;

We are specialist training providers for the Education, Health, Social Care & Business Sectors


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