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Interactive Learning and Development Training

Improving employees' skills, performance, productivity & Well-Being

Building employee skills and knowledge as part of their overall development

Training employees for the future is the new imperative, but what is employee training and where do you begin? Developing an effective training program can be a challenge, especially since today’s workplace is evolving so rapidly. At KIP Education we have developed and designed a training program your organisation needs. Our training is deigned with organisations in mind and with an emphasis on more relatable content. The more we can unlock in your staff, the richer the conversations; leading to greater impact. Organisations often tell us having an external facilitator is helpful as it puts a healthy distance in the mix, this helps to prevent things becoming overly personal – – it’s this fortification which makes KIP Education’s programmes industry-leading in delivering impact.

KIP Education’s employee training & development program are crucial to staff development and maintaining a healthy and happy workplace. Our training program provides workers with education and skills that improve employees’ skills, performance, and productivity.

Our programs are useful for new and existing employees of all levels and are an extremely effective way to build an efficient, respectful and collaborative culture – ultimately affecting the bottom line.

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  • Transferable knowledge leads to a snowballing effect where peers can teach peers, making the process more cost-effective and collaborative

  • We keep things practical by sharing experiences, giving practical tips and advice, sharing good practice, and exploring ideas through discussion and group work.

  • We value discussion and run courses in a relaxed and supportive way so you can build confidence in your new skills and reflect on your development.

  • We bring professionals from different disciplines together in one place to share knowledge and learn  in different settings.

Flexible and accredited trainers

As with all our programmes, we can flex our formats around your needs and even arrange having courses delivered directly to your team at a time of your choice.

Our training is suitable for all organisations. Our accredited trainers support participants through interactive exercises and facilitated discussions, creating a safe space for reflection and sharing. Speak to us about linking our training to your continued professional development/CPD.

Interactive Learning

Participatory and collective Learning

  • KIP Education courses are designed for interactive learning

  • We believe that transformation cannot be achieved through treating participants as a passive audience.

  • Participants will only become aware of their own attitudes and assumptions through an active and interactive process; one in which they are encouraged to talk and think critically for themselves.

  • Our expert facilitators create a safe space where participants can move beyond a purely intellectual or abstract view and begin to explore these complicated and important concepts that directly impact their own lives and their day-to-day work.

  • Whether virtual or face to face our training is designed for group learning. Working with others helps collectively develop common ideas about what needs to be done, set group norms for new attitudes and behaviours, support each other in working for change, and monitor the results of change.

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Book a place on our webinars or contact us to discuss having courses delivered directly to your team at a time of your choice.


In-House Training

As open training but delivered to a specific group or organisation, usually at a facility or a venue of the client’s choice. We can deliver training to a group of people at your workplace, and tailor it to your needs.

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