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Mental Health for Businesses

Increasing mental health awareness is a critical component in providing a safe and healthy workplace

Mental health problems are a growing public health concern. They are prevalent not just in the UK, but around the world.


Give your staff a clear picture of both positive and problematic mental health so that they can start taking care of their own mental health and the mental health of their co-workers.


UK workplaces have a clear role to play in the management and understanding of mental health concerns, both as potential contributors to emotional stress, and also in terms of the benefits businesses seek to reap if they can sustain a mentally healthy workforce.


These benefits include reduced worker’s compensation claims, enhanced productivity, reduced presenteeism, reduced absenteeism, and higher staff retention rates.



Main Outcomes

Online & In your venue

Workshops are ideally delivered in-house, with small groups of up to 15 participants.


Due to the events in 2020, all our workshops, training and coaching is now available online & is equally interactive in this format.


Our experienced and qualified team of mental health trainers offer tailored workshops and seminars in the workplace designed to educate all employees


Standard Course:  1 – 3 hours.


This program can be delivered in a standard 2-hour format or as a half or whole day program.


Our Managers module addresses the additional responsibilities associated with management positions, and trains managers to better understand and support their staff around issues relating to mental health.


Longer formats such as our half and whole day format provide an opportunity to tailor the program to your unique business objectives or values.


This interactive workshop is suitable for all team members


A 2 – 3 hour program which highlights the potential effects of working under ongoing stress, and the importance of self-care for employees.


Improving mental health literacy and reducing stigma across an organisation are two of the most effective strategies in promoting workforce wellbeing.


By training team members up on effective help seeking behaviours, businesses will subsequently reduce the impact of mental-ill health at an individual and organisational level.


Take the next step on your unique journey with coaching support tailored to your needs.


We get absolutely clear on what exactly would take you from OK to extraordinary, and what precisely is standing in your way from getting unstuck.

Our courses training, workshops and coaching are trusted by organisations:

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