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We specialise in providing mental health training programs for organisations striving to create and maintain a culture amongst their staff or members where it’s okay to talk about and then get help for any mental health issues they may be experiencing.


Participants in our training leave feeling more equipped to notice when they and others might be struggling with their mental health and how to help source the support they need.



Training empowers professionals to take on sessions and interventions that they may have previously found awkward or out of their skill’s zone. 



Each course provides not only up-to-date information, they also encourage professionals to take on these challenges and create effective and interactive interventions, lessons, sessions and workshops that staff and young people will enjoy



The emotional wellbeing of children is just as important as their physical health.



Good mental health allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adults.

Why the mental health of young people matters

Good mental health is the foundation of young people’s emotional and intellectual growth, underpinning the development of confidence, independence and a sense of self worth. Young people who are mentally healthy will have the ability to:

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Adolescent Mental Health Training

It is important that we know how to recognise common mental health problems, know how they arise, what you can do to prevent them, and how to support young people.

Approaches For Empowering & Engaging Young People Training

Delegates will gain techniques in building confidence, self-awareness and empower and build resilience in young people

Motivational Interviewing Training

Motivational Interviewing is a skills based intervention that aims to support self-efficacy and resolve ambivalence facilitating confidence in your clients to bring about significant cognitive or behavioural change.

Adolescent Self-Harm & Suicide Training

For Professionals Supporting Young People. Do you want to improve your capacity to respond when a young person is cutting?

Managing Challenging Behaviour in Young People Training

This challenging behaviour course will enablel earners to improve their techniques for dealing with conflict by exploring

Emotional Resilience Training : Building Resilience In Young People

Do you want to improve your capacity to respond when a young person is developing a mental health problem or…

Risky Behaviour Training

Talking, Managing & Supporting Young People. When compared to children or adults, young people are more likely to to engage in binge drinking, drug use, criminal or anti-social

Professional Boundaries & Young People Training

For Professionals Supporting Young People To provide participants with an understanding of what professional boundaries…

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At KIP Education, the experiences of professionals, and the young people they work with, are at the heart of our training programme. Each year we deliver training to over 10,000 professionals, and our expert trainers give you the practical skills to support the young people you work with.


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