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About Us

About us

We don't shy away from tough topics We tackle them head-on

Our courses draw on the insights of young people, families and professionals that we work with every year. We keep things practical by sharing experiences, giving practical tips and advice, sharing good practice, and exploring ideas through discussion and group work.

We value discussion and run courses in a relaxed and supportive way so you can build confidence in your new skills and reflect on your development. We bring professionals from different disciplines together in one place to share knowledge and learn about young people’s mental health in different settings.

Training empowers professionals to take on sessions and interventions that they may have previously found awkward or out of their skill’s zone. Each course provides not only up-to-date information, they also encourage professionals to take on these challenges and create effective and interactive interventions, lessons, sessions and workshops that staff and young people will enjoy.


See what our clients say!

Whether you’re interested in workshops for Young People, training for educators or a parent seeking support, have a look at our testimonials page to see the impact we deliver across the board.

"The reality beyond roles and labels. An atmosphere that insists on authenticity and trust. That's why I love youth work."

Charlotte Gordon

CEO & Mentor