Whether face to face or online our facilitators keep young people interested and inspired throughout our interactive workshops.

Trusted Knowledge

KIP Education’s workshops are delivered by dynamic & experienced facilitators in our unique, engaging and energetic style.

VIRTUAL Online & In-House

Our virtual workshops have been carefully designed to preserve the benefits & effectiveness of our powerful workshop format.


We won’t let the pandemic get in the way of us delivering directly to young people. 


We have engaging and exciting tools we are using to keep our workshops interactive and just as captivating as ever! 


Virtual versions of our high impact workshops for young people are now available


KIP Education provide factually correct & balanced drug information. Providing clear boundaries as well as explaining the potential health, social and legal consequences of substance misuse. Encouraging conversations about drugs and alcohol to be open and relaxed; preparing young people not scaring them, we offer knowledge & valuable life skills.

Sexual health workshopS

Since 2009, KIP Education has been transforming the way sex education is taught across the UK. Our relatable and highly trained facilitators , deliver fun and engaging sex education workshops to schools, universities and community groups. Every year, we empower thousands of young people to make informed, positive and safe decisions about sexuality, relationships and growing up.

emotional resilience workshops

Resilience is typically thought to be about being able to survive and withstand psychological trauma. However, it is also about the ability to learn, grow and thrive as a result of the experiences we have. 


The key is to learn resilience techniques and have space to practice them.

Gangs & Knife Crime Workshops

We aim to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in crime, by targeting those most at risk of offending and anti-social behaviour with appropriate intervention. 


Diverting young people from school exclusion and further crime-related behaviours.


A safe space for young people to examine & challenge their own ideas about crime & antisocial behaviour.

Self-Esteem & Body Image Workshops

KIP Education’s Self-Esteem & Body Image workshops help young people to reflect on their relationship with their body; celebrate the amazing things their body can do. 


Our self-esteem & body image workshops for schools and youth organisations are an opportunity for young people to show their commitment to promoting body acceptance and celebrating diversity.

SELF-Harm & Self-Injury Workshops

KIP Education’s self-harm & self-injury workshops help young people to reflect on their relationship with themselves; understanding self-care and healthy coping mechanisms, helping schools and youth organisations to proactively ensure the safety of their young people.


Through discussion, role-play, analysing examples, watching videos and completing activities, young people will learn about resilience, mindfulness and communication.

Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Our inclusive workshops for schools and youth organisations are an opportunity for young people to show their commitment to promoting acceptance and diversity.

These workshops delve into the concepts of social and cultural capital, and their relationship to social justice.

Through ‘understanding bias’ exercises, young people are encouraged to better understand the dynamics at play and learn how small changes can create a big impact to our wider community.

Social Media & Social GAming Workshops

How does Social Media & Social Gaming affect our relationships?  These workshops explore social media and the impact that online content can have on a person’s wellbeing.

Choose from a range of workshops that explore the benefits of rationing time spent online, the risks of excessive time spent on electronic devices and the impact of positive and negative content online on their own and others’ mental and physical wellbeing.

KS1 & KS2 Primary Workshops

Our innovative workshops develop children and young people’s ability to effectively manage the challenges they face, improve their wellbeing and reduce mental health problems.


We have extensive experience working with primary schools to develop mental health and wellbeing. 


We have turned our practical know-how and academic expertise into pioneering workshops that support the whole school ethos.


If you are a setting & your budget is limited, please give us a call & we can talk through the possibilities with you

1st Facilitator

£ 300 / Hour / Workshop
  • Additional Hour: £115

Additional facilitator

£ 325 /Workshop
  • All Day


Life skills go hand in hand with development, and can help young people succeed later in life. 



Discover the KIP Education approach to teaching functional skills and life skills; the most important life skills young people should know and ways to incorporate them into your daily practice.


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