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We understand that the pressure for schools and youth organisations to find new and innovative ways to engage their young people in the complex issues of PSHE has never been greater.


Research shows that young people that are emotionally healthy perform better at school and are more resilient in dealing with difficult issues that they’ll inevitably encounter in life.


Our unique youthwork approach to PSHE is both informative and effective. Young people have the space and safety to explore the issues and make informed and empowered decisions.


Checkout our amazing range of workshops and use our expertise to support the crucially important delivery of PSHE and SRE in your organisation

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1st Facilitator

£ 300 / Hour / Workshop
  • Additional Hour: £115

Additional facilitator

£ 325 /Workshop
  • All Day


Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge, creating a stimulating and encouraging learning experience for all. Contact our team today for further information on our courses & workshops

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